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Ruffy World™ has been created specifically to be available on a multi-platform basis. Creating a metaverse in this way has made it possible to be enjoyed on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WebGL, VR (Oculus), Playstation, and Xbox. We are proud to offer our metaverse in a way that no matter who you are and what your capabilities at any given time, you are able to experience Ruffy World™.

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Ruffy World

Become a landowner

Kings and Queens

In Ruffy World™ you have the exciting opportunity to be a King or Queen! In each of the district zones of our metaverse, whoever owns the most land plots of all land owners in that district is the 👑. The 👑 can name their own district, will have special accessories only available to them, and will have exclusive access to incredible places in Ruffy World. If at any time, someone else takes the lead with the most land plots in that district, that owner becomes the new 👑, can name the district, and gets all the privileges only available to the 👑. Land plots are available on LooBr.com to purchase as a mystery location directly from MetaRuffy™, or peer-to-peer for exact location purchases.

Showcase your NFTs

Create – Trade – Collect

Ruffy World™ offers a great opportunity to showcase your NFTs. Virtual galleries are ideal places to display 3D renderings of sculptures, pottery, molds, and more. There are countless ways artists use digital software to create virtual art and exist entirely in the virtual world. Thanks to MetaRuffy™ and LooBr™, there are unique ways to display these virtual works that match the experience of visiting an in-person gallery. We offer onboarding packages that include your own 3D NFT gallery on your plot of land in Ruffy World™.

You can also become a Featured NFT creator in our revolutionary marketplace, LooBr.com as well as in the LooBr Art Gallery in Ruffy World™.

Virtual art galleries are gaining prominence with the rise of NFTs, whether you collect NFTs or have your own virtual work to display.

Ruffy World

Ruffy World™

Ruffy World™ is an exciting piece of the metaverse. Open to all ages, and focused on dominating the entertainment sector, Ruffy World has something for everyone. Here are a few ways Ruffy World™ is ready to entertain you:

Spa Resorts Relaxing-Zones
Ruffy World Stadium
Entertainment Stadium
Ruffy World
Pub's, Bars and Clubbing-Areas
Ruffy World
Social gaming
Ruffy World
In-Game Asset Marketplace

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Ruffy World

What is Ruffy World™?

Ruffy World™ is a world where players play, own, and monetize their assets and virtual experiences on the Ethereum blockchain.


We believe in the future of connection in the metaverse. Explore how the Ruffy World™ metaverse enables everyone to participate in new ways.

Ruffy World
Ruffy World
Ruffy World
Ruffy World
Ruffy World
Ruffy World