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A magical world with endless possibilities.

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Ruffy World

A more highly-advanced Digital Age is emerging in our society, and the metaverse is at the center of it all. MetaRuffy takes its seat at the table, and will assume the role as the leading metaverse in the entertainment sector.


Ruffy World
Why Choose Us?

Why MetaRuffy™?

Who is MetaRuffy™?

MetaRuffy™ is an award-winning company of premium social, virtual, and augmented reality experiences.

In Ruffy World™, you enter a metaverse where the creation of, promotion, and pure enjoyment of entertainment is the focus. We built various entertainment components into Ruffy World™, such as entertainment clubs, resorts, social gaming, dating, and a performance arena. MetaRuffy™ also created the revolutionary cross-chain social media NFT marketplace, where in-game assets, including ticketing, is all handled through the trade of NFTs.

$MR is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell Land Plots and in-game assets in the Ruffy World™ Metaverse.

Ruffy World

Ruffy World™ is a product of MetaRuffy™ International FZCO based in Dubai.